The New Product Launch Review and Strategy Package


Launching a new product or service?


Still... as awesome as that launch feeling is, things are probably feeling more than a bit stressful right about now.

Let's make sure that everything in your launch funnel is as it should be so that we decrease the number of things that can go wrong.

Here's what your new product launch review includes:

  • 5-20 bite-sized videos reviewing every single part of your funnel (including your sales emails, transactional emails, landing pages, success pages, sales pages, onboarding flow and anything else that's a part of your funnel.)
  • An annotated PDF or Google Doc with copy optimization suggestions for every video
  • A prioritized actionable checklist with optimization suggestions you can implement straight away for your whole funnel
  • A prioritized list of missing marketing assets
  • A 45 minute Q&A with me where I can answer any questions  

Decrease the stress of launching by getting your copy thoroughly reviewed.

“Sophia is exactly the kind of copywriter you hope you’re hiring when you hire a copywriter. Great at everything. With a dry sense of humor to boot.”

Joanna Wiebe, Founder of Copyhackers and CH Agency

"Sophia managed to grasp our business and the problems we're facing.  

And then offered a ton of helpful, practical advice on how to instantly improve our website and messaging. Stuff I'm implementing right now."

Martin Boss, Founder of MultiMerch

Sophia consistently helps GetUplift’s clients with everything they need to increase their conversions, think strategically and execute on the highest level possible. Sophia is a RARE find because she simply gets it, she understands what you need, and takes it to the next level."

Talia Wolf, Founder and Chief Optimizer, GetUplift

Decrease my launch stress